Himalayan Salt Sole is incredibly easy to make, affordable, and has multiple healing benefits, including:

Detoxifying the Body, Balancing PH Levels, Slowing the Aging Process, Better Nutrient, Absorption in Intestinal Track, Respiratory and Sinus Health, Heart Health, Muscle Cramps, and more!

Himalayan Salt Sole Recipe

– Add several Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt Rocks to a glass pitcher or jar
– Add a quality source of water (preferably Spring Water or Fiji Water) to the pitcher
– Let sit for 24 Hours. If crystals are dissolved completely, add more crystals to the solution until crystals remain at the bottom. This is visual proof that the water has achieved full saturation.
– Each morning, preferably with an empty stomach, drink one glass of water with 1 tablespoon of the sole solution.  You can also add lemon juice to create a new flavor. When mixing, only use a plastic or wooden spoon, not metal!

A word of warning, adding this solution will cause your body to do some major detoxing. You may have some stomach upset or unpleasant side effects for the first day or two. You are literally cleansing your body at the cellular level so you could feel a little worse before better.  The Himalayan Salt Sole stimulates digestions and gets things moving within minutes after ingesting.  It is always best to consume on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. If you drink coffee, wait until later in the day. The fully saturated Himalaya Salt Sole will keep indefinitely.